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Welcome to Positive Beginnings! We are located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and primarily serve Wake County and the surrounding area. We offer:

    * HypnoBirthing®,
    * Doula Services,
    * Hypnosis for Change,
    * Baby Sign! 

For the expectant family, we are proud to be certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioners!

HypnoBirthing® teaches mothers and their partners how to have a safe, easy, relaxed birth experience.

We offer both individual and group classes to families in the Triangle area of North Carolina. We will also travel as far as Greensboro to the west and Wilmington to the east.

We also offer doula services so the birth partner can focus on emotionally supporting the mother. Doulas have been shown in studies to decrease the use of medication, to increase the breastfeeding success rate, and to lower the cesarian section rate. Most important, they have been shown to increase maternal satisfaction!

Parenting is an incredible journey. Give us a call at 919-975-4872 and start it out in a relaxed, calm, positive way!

Hypnosis For Change Services

What are you looking for?

    * Weight Management
    * Smoking Cessation
    * Stress Reduction
    * Phobia Dissolution
    * Improved Concentration and Focus
    * Time Management
    * Basic Pain Management
    * Accessing Inner Creativity
    * Chakra Balancing
    * Goal Planning and Achievement
    * Mental Block Breakthroughs
    * Resolving Inner Conflict
    * Dealing with Criticism
    * Public Speaking
    * Motivation Improvement

We can help!

We take clients in person and, in some cases, over the phone. We also offer seminars and group sessions!

Are You Ready to Create a Positive Beginning and Achieve a Great Outcome?


If so, we are ready to help you get there! Please call or email for an appointment.

Do You Work Second Or Third Shift? Are Weekends Your Only Free Time?

We can accomodate you! Our office hours are by appointment. We can schedule evening and weekend sessions for your convenience! Don't let "bankers' hours" block you from making the changes you desire in your life!

Email dee@positive-beginnings.com or call 919-975-4872 for an appointment or more information! 

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