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At Positive Beginnings, we believe that every person is capable of achieving their desired outcomes. We embrace the philosphy that any person experiencing a problem has within her or himself the resources to resolve that issue. Our purpose and mission is to assist people in finding and using those resources.

What is that in plain English? No one is broken, and everyone has the ability to get through the rough times. We're here to help! In order to achieve the best outcomes, we tailor our approach to each client. Each person is different, and at Positive Beginnings we respect those differences. We use Neurolinguistic Programming in conjunction with hypnosis and life planning to achieve desired results.

For those clients seeking changes such as phobia dissolution, smoking cessation, stress reduction, or weight reduction, we offer hypnosis and NLP group and one-on-one sessions. For those who have more long-term goals or who have something they want but aren't sure just how to get there, we offer life coaching packages. These are one-on-one sessions with concentration on the client needs.

We also offer Reiki healing sessions one-on-one.

For expectant and new families, we offer services designed to enrich the experience of parents and children alike. Our HypnoBirthing®, Childbirth and Postpartum, and Baby Sign classes help new families get the best start!

Finally, we offer group seminars on accessing inner creativity, stress management, smoking cessation, weight management, and much more! If we haven't mentioned what you desire here, email us or give us a call. We can help you get there!


We Believe:

  • Mind and Body Inevitably and Inescapably Affect Each Other!
    Our minds and our bodies work together to present our perception of the world. If we are physically sick, our mental state can suffer. If our mental state is unhappy and depressed, we can end up with physical issues. On the other hand, we can use that connection to help us get what we want out of life!
  • There is No Failure, Only Feedback!
    So many times stress and dis-ease come from feelings of failure and doubt about ourselves. At Positive Beginnings, we believe that all feedback is valuable and presents lessons we can learn!
  • People Have The Internal Resources They Need to Succeed!
    People have the tools inside them they need to succeed. If there is something outside a person she needs to succeed (funding for education, for example), she has the tools within her to obtain that funding.
  • We Can Run Our Own Brains!
    We believe that with practice and intent, anyone can step out of unproductive cycles and onto the path to his goals!

Let Us Help You Make A Positive Beginning Toward A Great Outcome!