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Ever Wonder... if your baby could understand you before she could speak? If you could teach your baby to tell you if he's hungry or thirsty or in pain? If you could teach your baby to be polite and use please and thank you before many children are even speaking?

Parents who teach their babies American Sign Language report that their babies can do all that... and more!

Studies show that the language areas of the brain are active before a baby has the facial muscle control to speak. By teaching a baby to sign, parents can:

  • Communicate earlier and more easily with their children,
  • Stimulate the language portions of the brain earlier,
  • Decrease tantrums (commonly caused when a baby is frustrated and misunderstood)
  • Increase bonding and self-reliance
  • Even help their children read earlier!

Positive Beginnings offers Baby Sign group classes and private lessons. Contact us for more information, or see our upcoming classes page!

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