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For centuries, across cultures, birthing mothers and those with new babies benefited from a close, supportive community. In these busy times, many women are discovering the value of having someone to assist them in those precious, early days of motherhood.

A doula (the word comes from a Greek word meaning "servant") assists women as they make the transition into motherhood. Today there are two basic kinds of doulas: Birth Doulas and Postpartum Doulas.


Birth Doulas

Birthing mothers today can rely on the trained support of a professional childbirth doula. A birth doula is trained in assisting a laboring mother through the birth process, supporting her and helping her feel better. A doula knows relaxation techniques and positioning advice, among other skills. She allows the mother's birth partner to be the emotional support she needs without having to worry about remembering the details of what was taught in childbirth class.

Postpartum Doulas

Postpartum doula duties vary based on the needs of the new family. She assists with the transition phase as a new baby joins the household. She can help with teaching baby care, getting breastfeeding successfully established, assist with older siblings, or even just hold the baby while the mother gets a much-desired shower by herself! She makes sure the new mother is fed, hydrated, and comfortable.

Our Doula Services

Positive Beginnings offers birth doula services now, and will offer postpartum doula services beginning late fall 2007.


Download the Positive Beginnings Birth Doula Contract here.