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Positive Beginnings is proud to be a provider of HypnoBirthing childbirth classes!

What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing is the "gold standard" method of using hypnosis for birthing mothers. Mothers who enter a state of hypnosis while birthing their babies report numerous positive benefits, including:

  • Shorter labors,
  • Decreased or eliminated need for pain medication,
  • The ability to stay focused and "with their baby" throughout the birth,
  • The ability to be mobile during birthing,
  • Feeling energized after birth, rather than exhausted,
  • Calmer, more peaceful pregnancies,
  • Earlier bonding with their babies,
  • Easier breastfeeding.

They also report calmer, more alert, happier babies who nurse readily and cry less.

Will I be "out of it" or asleep through my birth?

No, you will be in a state of calm relaxation. You can open your eyes, move around, talk, even eat and drink. If you desire, you can simply lie back and relax and go within your body, but many HypnoBirthing moms are active and talkative throughout the birth... so much so that care providers have been known to misdiagnose how far along the mother is!

How does hypnosis help?

Hypnosis permits better flow of the body's natural relaxants and pain relievers, called endorphins. It also helps the mother relax and keeps her body's systems from fighting for resources, so her uterine muscles can work most efficiently.

Positive Beginnings offers both individual and group classes. We are willing to travel to hold classes. Please email for more information. Please note that to foil spammers, we have replaced the @ with AT and the . with DOT... make sure to change these when you email!

Download the HypnoBirthing brochure here.